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    BRYNER CROSBY, APC has a proven track record of success in many facets of corporate law and litigation.

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    Over 44 years of legal work, jury trial experience, and multiple published opinions.

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California Full Service Business Lawyers

BRYNER CROSBY, APC is a full-service business litigation firm in Southern California. The attorneys at BRYNER CROSBY, APC have over 44 years of combined experience in business litigation, including civil trials, arbitrations and appellate practice. We understand the needs of small to mid-size businesses, as well as entrepreneurs and individuals who are looking for legal representation – expertise, individualized service and a cost-effective approach.

The attorneys at the BRYNER CROSBY, APC are readily available even on weekends and after-hours to discuss their client’s legal matters. As our client, you will have the cell phone numbers of the attorneys handling your matter, and they will be available to speak with you or will return your call promptly. We never treat the care and attention devoted to aggressive and effective representation as merely a “billable event.” We look out for the interests of our clients and strive to achieve the desired results, while at the same time recognizing that businesses and individuals need to reduce costs and conserve resources.

We are ready, willing and able to represent our clients through discovery, law and motion, and trial. However, we appreciate that it is often in the best interests of our clients to mitigate the risk of expensive litigation and resolve even before a lawsuit I filed. To that end, we are experienced with conflict resolution resources, including mediation and settlement conferences. We always attempt to accomplish an early resolution of legal disputes whenever possible and work to accomplish a satisfactory resolution that suits the best interests of our clients.

BRYNER CROSBY combines the attentive, cost-effective service of a small firm with the experience and expertise of a large firm. We are interested in assisting you or your business and provide a free initial consultation.

  • Big Firm Experience without the Big Firm Price Tag
  • 44+ Years of Business Law and Litigation Experience
  • Experience Backed by Multiple Published Opinions
  • Bottom Line – We Produce Results

BRYNER CROSBY practices in California, including the following counties: Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County, Ventura County, San Bernadino County, Riverside County, San Luis Obispo County, Santa Barbara County, San Francisco County, Alemeda County and Santa Clara County

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